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Frequently Asked Questions about Zion Canyon & Springdale



Q. Is Zion National Park open year round?

A. Yes.


Q. How far is Las Vegas to Zion ?
A. It is about a 2 1/2-hour drive.


Q. Can I drive my private vehicle into Zion Canyon?
A. From April to October access into the canyon is by free shuttle bus only. Private vehicles are allowed to access the canyon from November to mid March.


Q. Can I bicycle into Zion Canyon?
A. Bicycles are allowed on the 7-mile Zion Canyon Scenic Drive. Due to safety concerns cyclists are required to pull over and stop when approached from behind by a shuttle bus, and NEVER PASS A SHUTTLE BUS.


Q. What is a red permit? Do I need one?
A. Red permits are issued for overnight guests of the Zion Lodge. They are required to park in the lodge parking lot.


Q. Are food services available in Zion Canyon?
A. Zion Lodge operates a restaurant year round and a snack bar from April through October and a great  variety of restaurants, cafes, shops and markets are open year round in Springdale .


Q. Are there places to stay in Zion/Springdale?
A. Yes there is the lodge in Zion park and lots of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals and camping facilities in Springdale, Rockville and surrounding areas.


Q. Is there any camping in Zion Canyon?
A. No. Closest camping is available in Watchman and South campgrounds, located near the south entrance.


Q. What trails are wheelchair accessible?
A. The Pa'rus Trail and the Riverside Walk.


Q. Are bicycles allowed on the trails?
A. No. With one exception, the Pa'rus Trail.


Q. Is there mountain biking in the park?
A. No. There is world class mountain biking in nearby areas. Bike shops in Springdale have information and maps of those areas.


Q. Are pets allowed on any trails?
A. Pets are only allowed on the Pa'rus Trail and must be on a leash.


Q. Are guide dogs allowed on the trails, in the buildings, or in the backcountry?
A. Yes. Guide dogs are permitted on a leash anywhere in the park and on the shuttles. They must be easily identified as helper-dogs.


The Narrows:
Q. What do I need to know before entering the Narrows?
A. All narrow canyons are potentially hazardous. Flash floods, cold water, and strong currents present real dangers that can be life-threatening. Your safety depends on your own good judgement, adequate preparation, and constant attention. By entering a narrow canyon you are assuming a risk. Your safety is your responsibility.

Q. How far can I hike into the Narrows?
A. Weather and water conditions permitting, there are three ways to hike the Narrows:
(1) Short Day-hike = continue upstream beyond the end of the Riverside Walk. 1-to-5 hours, round trip. No permit required.
(2) Through Day-hike = Hike downstream from Chamberlain's Ranch. This long all day hike requires a shuttle to the trailhead and a permit.
(3) Overnight Hike = Hike downstream from Chamberlain's Ranch. This two-day hike requires a shuttle to the trailhead and a permit. Maximum stay is one night. Fires are not allowed.


Q. What do I need to take to hike the Narrows?
A. Obtain weather and flash flood forecasts before starting your trip.


Shuttle Bus


Q. Are pets allowed on the shuttles?
A. No.


Q. Are the shuttles fully accessible?
A. Yes.


Q. Is there room for backpacks and climbing gear on the shuttles?
A. Yes.


Q. Do the shuttles take you to all the trailheads and points of interest in Zion Canyon?
A. Yes, there are 8-stops along the Zion Canyon Shuttle route where you can get off the shuttle to enjoy the park.


Q. Where are the closest medical clinics/hospitals to Zion National Park?
A. There is a medical clinic in Springdale and Hurricane. The closest hospitals are located in Kanab and St. George.


Q. How far is it to Bryce Canyon?
A. It is 86 miles from Zion National Park, or about a 2-hour drive.


Q. What Utah State Parks are there in the Zion Area?
A. Coral Pink Sand Dunes is located 45 miles east of Zion near Kanab, Utah. Snow Canyon State Park is located 55 miles west of Zion near St. George, Utah.



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