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Shuttle Bus Services

Zion National Park Shuttle Ticket System is discontinued  


SPRINGDALE, UT – In response to updated guidance on transit systems in National Parks and COVID-19, Zion National Park is discontinuing the temporary shuttle ticket system for Zion Canyon. Tickets for the shuttle will no longer be needed starting Friday, May 28, 2021. Previously purchased tickets will be prioritized at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center shuttle queue at or following the time of day indicated on the ticket. 


First come, first serve shuttle ridership (as in the past) will return beginning Friday, May 28th.   Shuttles will load and depart the Zion Canyon Visitor Center from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. MDT.  


Shuttle bus capacities will be similar to pre-COVID. In order to meet safety requirements, each passenger must be seated or have a standing room handhold (railing, stanchion, seat bar, overhead grasp handle).  The current shuttle stops will remain the same.  


Masks are still required while waiting in shuttle lines and while riding the shuttle.  Park visitors travelling together are encouraged to maintain separation from other groups and to follow COVID-19 sanitation practices.  


Open Town Shuttle Map in PDF format

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